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Jessie Colter hace público que tiene cáncer cerebral incurable

Las personas que conocen a Jessie están muy sorprendidos con la noticia, el actor tiene un tipo de cáncer cerebral el cual es de un tipo incurable. Jessie ha dejado claro que quiere pasar este momento de su vida tranquilo y solo con aquellos que siempre han estado a su lado, y contestará los mensajes de algunas personas, pero estará lo más alejado posible de la vida sociales en redes. “Me pondré en contacto con usted si así lo elijo”, escribió el hombre de 38 años a sus seguidores de Instagram, pidiéndoles que no le envíen mensajes sobre lo que está padeciendo.

Entre las frases escritas en el post publicado en Instagram Jessie dice que «Nunca hay un buen momento», así mismo dice que «Planeo tener más cumpleaños para celebrar, así como otras ocasiones alegres que espero con ansias», continuó. «Solo sé que estoy bien. No tengo miedo. No estoy triste. Estoy haciendo lo mejor que puedo con lo que me queda. Eso es todo lo que puedo hacer. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de leer esto. Los amo a todos».


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Hey everybody! I’ve struggled with making this post for awhile now. So…. here it goes. What I’m about to tell you all will probably evoke a strong reaction. If it does, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. BUT PLEASE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DIRECTLY MESSAGE ME OR ANYONE IN MY FAMILY. I WILL REACH OUT TO YOU IF I SO CHOOSE. PLEASE RESPECT THIS REQUEST. THANK YOU❤️ On Valentine’s Day this year I was diagnosed with an incurable kind of brain cancer. Obviously I was stunned, but there were already so many negative things happening in my life at the same time that I couldn’t deal with talking to anyone about this right away. The reason I waited this long was because, between then and now, things were either really good or really bad in my life, and I didn’t want to make things worse or diminish the good times. What I learned from all this is that there is never a good time. I understand that a lot of you are going to reach out to try and help me, or tell me that there’s some sort of treatment available, but like I said before, I kindly ask that you don’t. Please don’t be sad or upset for me. I’ve already made peace with this. What I need now more then tears and sympathy is smiles and happiness. What I need now is feeling good and feeling loved, laughing and spending time with people who I care about. I need to make everyday count, because it is undetermined exactly how much time I have left. I could be around for a couple of years or couple of decades, but I need to be realistic. I’ve lived an incredible life, a life most people dream of having, and for that I am very fortunate and grateful. But my life isn’t over yet. There’s still time to make new memories. So even though yesterday was my 38th birthday, I plan on having more birthdays to celebrate as well as other joyous occasions that I very much look forward to. Just know that I am OK. I am not scared. I am not sad. I’m just doing my best with what I’ve got left. That’s all we can do. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I love you all.

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